Friday, November 2, 2007

Deconstructing America - PART 1

About This Video
Deconstructing America's producer and forensic investigator, Zed McLarnon's family, business and career have been destroyed by the legal industry and he is just about to lose his home as a result. Zed started to investigate the unlawful removal of his 13-year-old son and found the court hearing tapes and transcripts had been illegally edited to remove the evidence he presented in court. His case docket was doctored and his case file was manipulated to include "phantom" clinical evaluations by his ex-wife's current husband who is a social worker appointed by the governor of Massachusetts to train judges, court personnel, police ad social workers how to plunder federal funds by finding fathers guilty of anything that could bias a court decision.

To inform people as to how the courts operate, McLarnon wrote "Judicial Bias?", an article to empower people embroiled in court actions to help them investigate their own cases and discover the crimes court clerks commit to support Judge's "biased" rulings.

As a result, dozens of people from several states contacted McLarnon to inform him their court tapes, transcripts, dockets and case files had been manipulated to remove custody of their children, seniors, handicapped or mentally challenged family members.

McLarnon and fellow victim, Peter Phillips, discovered the federal "hate legislation" that fuels the racketeering schemes that target children and traditional families for destruction.

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